Have you been burned by a link vendor or struggled to develop high-quality backlinks in-house? We’ve been there too. We know the pain. If you run an SEO agency and build clients a set number of links per month, or if you work in-house and have monthly quotas, our Pay-Per-Link option is right for you. We get links for you based on your quality metrics for a fixed price.



We leverage our vast publisher database to scale your outreach and link building campaigns. We DO NOT use paid backlinks, directories, or any private blog networks (i.e. PBNs).

Fixed, Tiered Pricing

Simple, fixed, tiered pricing. Publications are targeted and backlinks are priced based on your backlink quality metrics.

  • No Risk – Pay AFTER Links Are Placed
  • Publications Targeted by Authority
  • Tracked & Guaranteed Turnaround Time

Any Industry or Niche

We’ve developed a vast publisher database covering all industries, categories, and niches–no matter what product or service.

  • 1-to-1 Publisher Relationships
  • Select The Industries You Want To Target
  • Choose Your Preferred Anchor Text & URL

High-Quality Content

With our Pay-Per-Link option, we write content publishers want, so you can sit back, relax and wait for your links.

  • Content That Readers & Publishers Want
  • Native, College Educated U.S. Writers
  • Editors with 12+ Years of Experience


As many backlinks per month as you want for you or your clients

Placement in high-quality websites and online publications

Complete reports with URLs, anchor text, and quality metrics


  • Engage Us With A Test Campaign

    Let us prove ourselves. Provides us with a couple of test websites you want us to build backlinks for and the quality metrics you care about, such as Domain Authority and PageRank. There’s absolutely NO RISK because you don’t pay until your links are live.

  • We Find The Most Relevant Publishers

    Based on your targeted industries and your desired link quality metrics, we’ll pull the most relevant publisher sets for your campaign.

  • We Conduct Outreach & Create Content

    Our editorial team discusses topics with our one-to-one publishers, then creates unique content that is valuable to the publisher’s audience. We primarily target in-content, contextual backlinks and author bylines.

  • Receive A Complete Backlinking Report

    Once all of the links in your order are published, you’ll receive a report including the linking URL, when the link went live, the linking URLs PageRank and Domain Authority, and the anchor text that was used.


Absolutely not! We do not work with paid networks or directories. These are high-quality links that are the result of genuine outreach and valuable content contributions. We just decided to bundle everything in one fixed, tiered price based on your quality metrics.

Most links will be live within 30 days; however, it can take up to 60 days to have your links published on higher authority websites. It takes 30 to 60 days because we need time to conduct outreach, collaborate, write content, and consider publishers and their editorial calendars. We will inform you of our guaranteed turnaround time upon placing your order.

We primarily target websites by Domain and Page Authority, but we can also consider other metrics such as PageRank, Power*Trust, Trust Score, SEMRush traffic, and more.

Yes. These are not ‘rented’ links. Your links are built naturally. However, please be aware that a small percentage of links may be lost as webmasters make changes to their websites, such as when they delete, replace, or update web pages. This can happen, though not often, and we cannot control this.

You can provide us with the your preferred anchor text and target URL for each link; however, we have the right to make adjustments to ensure you have a natural link profile. In cases where your site has no linkable assets, we will make recommendations and can even create them for you.

To start, we will need to have a valid credit card on file. You don’t pay until we fulfill your link order, i.e. within 30 days. Once your order is complete, we will charge your credit card. You do have the option of paying in advance for a discount.

Ready To Get Started With A Test Campaign?

Talk to one of our link building specialists to learn how our Pay-Per-Link option can help you.