Exposed SEO Solutions for Angular JS Presented at Clarity ’16 [Video]

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Last April 2016, I was included in a webinar by seoClarity on AngularJS together with Bill Hunt, Catfish Comstock and Keith Goode. It was one of the highest attended webinars they had, I was told. However, many people thought there was not enough time allotted to fully present the subject matter well. If you wish to watch that webinar, check it out here. In that webinar, you’ll receive an introduction to AngularJS and its SEO issues, as explained by Bill Hunt while Catfish Comstock presents several case studies.


To have more time at Clarity ’16, an introduction and case studies were not included so technical matters were discussed more efficiently and effectively–I hope. However, aside from talking about AngularJS, I was also assigned to discuss Schema Microdata, so I didn’t an entire session to discuss AngularJS and SEO. I was still required to speed up a bit to talk about the topic of microformats.

During the conference, I was recording all audio of all speakers for me to review at a later time. When it was my time to present, I was confident enough that Audacity wouldn’t fail me. My PC was recording all audio but for some reason my session was excluded. The reason was my recording PC went to sleep while I was presenting. I was planning on combining the recorded audio with my PowerPoint presentation to create a video.

Unfortunately, I do not have the live video. So I just re-recorded the audio to create the videos below. I wish I had the live recording because there were a few important questions from the audience that I answered. Anyway, if you have any questions, feel free to ask, comment on this blog or tweet me.

AngularJS: Pleasing Users, Search Engines, Developers and SEOs

Schema Microdata: Making the Most of What’s Available

I feel fortunate to have been invited by seoClarity to present at their annual conference Clarity ’16. Thank you! I’ve participated in the regional Clarity World Tour 2015 in San Diego and also spoke at Clarity ’14 in Austin, Texas. It was nice to be in Chicago which was only my second time there. I had a lot of time to go around downtown, view the scenic spots, and eat great food together with my wife. I’m sorry if I didn’t have a chance to hang around in the evening with other attendees. Thanks also to eREACH and>Myers Media Group, the companies I represented at the event for allowing me to attend and speak.

If you have any questions regarding link building services, solutions for Angular JS and other technical SEO and consulting issues, contact us to talk to one of our specialists.

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